Silvio A Silva a.k.a Kanazuchi

Developer at BluePex Security Solutions

Not so much about me, but...

Actually studing for Cisco CCNA.
A father, a son, a husband and a simple gay man.

Python developer and network manager. In love with open source systems.
In these days i'm working with PHP, shell script and trying put a lot of code in python where i see than will be better.
In all the thinks i do, i guess.

I really like to hear podcasts when i'm walking, so i let some of podcasts that i like. I hope than you like they.
In the days off i like to travel and take some pictures, i'm not a professional shooter, but i try.

To study i usually like to write some code in python to aplly what i'm learning.
So i wrote tools that help me in my work, this page is writen in python by using django and uwsgi.
Bellow is some of my projects and what i usually like to play.



Is a simple IP calculator.
Ipy-show run in unix systems and return some data of an IP and mask in slash notation.
Class, network, broadcast, number of hosts in network and numbers of subnets usable.
Ipy-show can be used on the web in this link IPY-Show IPY-Test is a web page that i wrote to some friends studing for Cisco CCNA test skills converting IPs and Mask to binary. Can be access by this link IPY-Test



Is a simple tool to request data from wmi namespaces in Microsoft Windows Systems
The query in on script wmi-query puts on the stdout the data requested in the namespace, which library have some functions to provide some control in this data.



Is a simple bot for telegram.
Bot wars is a bot to get some info for the android game Summoners War
Uses beatifullsoup (BS4), requests and the requests-html lib to get some data from web pages with info of the mobs useble in the game.
It born to get some skills for web scrapping.